About Gatoula.com

Gatoula (Greek) “Cat” or “Kitten.” Smart.

Established in 2019, Gatoula.com is the first marketplace of its kind in Cyprus. We are a fresh new multi-vendor marketplace echoing through the realms of Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Electronics, Toys & Hobbies, Fashion, Motor Vehicles, Properties, and beyond. Our vision is to make it easier for families and individuals in Cyprus to shop online with ease, speed, efficiency, and most importantly, safety. Our airtight security technology means your sensitive information is always safe with us. Your safety is our priority - as is your ability to have fun every step of the way!


Our mission is to become a leading local AND global online marketplace for internet shopping, from standard everyday items to unique vintage gems and everything in-between. We are committed to making shopping human again, connecting businesses and consumers in a warm, positive space. Our special tools make online shopping and selling a breeze.


At the same time, we want to help Cyprus-based entrepreneurs make their mark online by selling their great products to audiences of millions - locally and globally. With incredibly low fees and powerful tools for savvy sellers, there’s only everything to gain. We give entrepreneurs all they need to start and scale their business, for some of the lowest fees in the industry.


As a business, we are dedicated to staying responsible, sustainable, and ethical when helping our buyers and sellers thrive. We’re building a headstrong community of people who are just as crazy about unique products as we are. At Gatoula.com, there’s a product for every taste and a price for every budget. All you have to do…is search.